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We make travel planning easy for you and your business, both for individual and group travel - including for sports clubs, schools, universities, church groups and trade missions. Don't waste hours comparing flights, hotels, car rentals, etc. on various websites that provide partial and often subjective information. Just take three minutes (we timed it!) to fill out the form below and we will get back to you with several options within 24 hours. You will have no obligation to buy, but we hope you will want to do business with us!


Muskens Global USA, LLC has partnered with a world-class, full service travel organization headquartered in Toronto, Canada, NĀRAT, with its U.S. offices located at the Empire State Building in New York City.

We offer a unique, experienced-based travel experience through an extensive program of thematic itineraries across the globe, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dubai and Oman, Egypt, Greece, Iceland, India, Morocco, and Turkey.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Toronto, Canada

Empire State Building, New York

NĀRAT is a full service travel organization conveniently located in Toronto, Canada, with its U.S. offices at the Empire State Building in New York City.

Our roster of client services include customized airline ticketing, hotel, and car reservations and customized itinerary development - with our coverage extending to all necessary travel documentation, including visa and travel insurance processing. Moreover, we are the premier travel company to incorporate legal assistance to our client services with our own travel legal specialists.

We present all our clients with several on-target options from which to choose that matches their detailed likes and budgets - often within a few minutes of their request.

Instead of being leery about what accommodation providers, tour suppliers or airline consolidators are the best option, you can now rely on us to know who is and is not safe to use and make those reservations for you. Our Escorted Tours are renowned as being Journeys of a Lifetime.